Business Office Services


Early Out Program

With mounting patient responsibilities, it is more important than ever for providers to resolve self-pay balances and balances after insurance as quickly as possible.

RMB’s Early Out Program is designed to contact patients early in the A/R cycle using a courteous, consultative approach. RMB will work with you to incorporate your collection policies into our program on your system or on RMB’s system. RMB staff will become an extension of your business office, always mindful of your community image.

Let RMB handle your patient calls and help resolve patient balances.

Special Projects

Staffing issues and computer conversions create challenges in managing your patient accounts receivable. RMB can address your patient accounts and help reduce denials as you tackle other business challenges. Or, RMB can address your aged insurance accounts, allowing your staff to focus on more current accounts.

RMB can assist in identifying needs by analyzing your patient receivables and comparing them to industry benchmarks. Special Projects are tailored to your specific needs. Whether short term or long term, RMB can provide specialized assistance in managing and resolving your patient receivables.

Talk with us about how we can assist with specific segments of accounts as part of your overall revenue cycle.