Charity Care

charity-careUninsured patient expenditures continue to escalate as documentation, application, submission and tracking processes for governmental programs become more and more complex.

RMB can alleviate this eligibility process, minimize your staff requirements and maximize your revenue using the most current patient assistance programs and guidelines available.

RMB uses the latest programming and a database maintained by trained research specialists.

RMB’s charity care team is consistently trained on changes with the rapidly changing industry through educational courses and in-house training.

RMB’s charity care team consists of on-site representatives, field representative, in-house phone representative, state-certified presumptive eligibility representatives and audit managers.

RMB manages all aspects of the eligibility process, assisting both patients and hospitals by screening and qualifying individuals for presumptive Medicaid and/or charity care.

Presumptive Medicaid

RMB has state-certified staff members to screen and qualify.


  • Temporary enrollment in Medicaid
  • Access to, and compensation for, hospital-based services
  • Pathway to longer-term Medicaid coverage

Charity Care

When patients do not meet presumptive Medicaid qualifications, they are screened for charity care eligibility.

RMB will initialize, guide and resolve outstanding accounts through the charity process.

Application types include date of service, twelve month and emergency room admission.