Delinquent Accounts Management


Delinquent Accounts (First and Second Placements)

  • Bankruptcy/Deceased Scrubs
  • Multi-Level Skip-Trace Progression
  • Account Scoring
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Predictive Dialing
  • IVR Technology
  • Payment Website
  • Experienced/Trained Account Representatives

Prescreen for Third-Party Payers

As part of the overall program for delinquent accounts, RMB prescreens large segments of first placement accounts to identify third-party payers. With a staff of skilled, experienced third-party specialists, RMB can focus exclusively on third-party accounts while trained self-pay reps focus on private-pay accounts. Overall recoveries grow by allowing specialists to do what they do best.

Pre-Legal Collections

By partnering with well-established law firms, RMB can include pre-legal collections, including a litigation strategy as needed, adding a complete legal solution to your revenue cycle and to RMB services.

You want a cost-effective solution to resolve and collect your delinquent patient accounts. This gives your staff the time they need to focus on your remaining receivables. RMB can tailor a recovery program to fit your needs and your patient population. RMB will limit your staff time requirements on outsourced, delinquent accounts.

Let RMB use the latest technology to effectively manage your accounts and provide you with up-to-date details of our work efforts.

RMB never loses sight of the need to protect your good name and reputation in the community while also protecting your financial interest in the unpaid accounts.

Your patients will have the ability to make payments by phone, electronically or by mail. They can even use their smart phone.

When an email address is available, RMB utilizes emails to communicate with the responsible party regarding payments, payment plans and past due notices.

By partnering with RMB to manage and collect your self-pay accounts, your overall monthly recoveries will increase and your staff can concentrate on other areas. The bottom line – your bottom line improves!