imPACT Recoveries


DRG PACT Recoveries Service

RMB can review your Medicare transfers, validate that services were coded correctly and seek additional hospital revenue for those patients who did not receive the prescribed post discharge services.

  • RMB can review Medicare inpatient transfers for the past four years
  • You provide your Medicare inpatient provider statistical and reimbursement report (PS&R) and medical records.
  • RMB will audit those patient transfers to confirm whether or not post acute care was provided as directed at time of discharge.
  • Rebilling on identified claims will begin within 120 days of receiving the PS&R report.
  • RMB will work with your billing department to ensure corrected and timely billings are generated – or with appropriate access, RMB will directly handle all of the rebills.
  • Your staff time requirements are limited after receipt of the PS&R