Insurance Recoveries


Third Party Follow-up and Resolution

  • RMB maintains a team of experienced insurance specialists who are focused on accounts with unresolved insurance claims.
  • RMB’s insurance unit employs specialists in insurance verification and insurance follow-up and appeals with previous hospital and medical business office experience.
  • RMB’s insurance resolution process offers patients a friendly approach to resolving unpaid accounts. By fully exhausting all available third-party benefits on assigned accounts, RMB encourages a positive relationship between client and patient. This in turn opens the door to full and final resolution of unpaid accounts.
  • By maintaining a separate insurance unit, RMB offers assurance that accounts are handled by experienced specialists who have the skills required to resolve accounts.

At RMB, we provide assistance with timely filing and account resolution for both commercial and government insurance claims.

Let our team of experienced, third-party specialists assist you in resolving and collecting your aged third-party accounts.