Payment Monitoring


Manage, collect and resolve your payment arrangement accounts proven to free up hospital resources.

  • Payment monitoring is a cost-effective program to assist clients in managing payment arrangement. RMB maintains a separate work team to focus on managing and collecting your payment arrangement accounts.
  • Payment coupons are used to ensure timely payments. Monthly payment coupons make it convenient for your patients to keep their accounts current.
  • When an email address is available, RMB utilizes emails for payment reminders and default notices, when needed.
  • If a payment arrangement agreement is broken, RMB follows up via letters, phone calls and emails for up to 45 days after the due date in an effort to reestablish payment terms. Working with patients to reinstate payment terms results in a cost savings to you as well as a stronger commitment from the patient.
  • By assisting patients in honoring payment terms through consistent monitoring and follow-up, you are assured the best possible position to collect the full account balance without immediately being assessed higher rates often associated with unpaid, aged accounts.
  • Payment monitoring accounts can be worked in your name or RMB – whichever approach works best for you.•
  • Payments can be made online, by phone, by speaking to an RMB agent or by mail. Payments can also be made with a smart phone.

RMB will decrease your defaulted payment plans and increase recovery.