System Conversions

Start Off Strong…. Finish Stronger

One of the most challenging issues you may face in migration to a new hospital operating system for accounts receivable (A/R) management is how to handle your currently aged accounts. Rubin & Raine can assist you by providing a multi-level management program for existing receivables on your old system. This allows you a fresh start on the new system without extensive account migration. We will minimize your clean-up requirements as well as work your accounts in a timely manner which will assure consistent cash flow during conversion. Our Experienced conversion team will provide a multi-tiered support model, giving you a broad selection of conversion options to best serve your organization.

This partnership provides seamless support solutions for timely collection of your A/R allowing a smooth transition to your new software. We work with your internal team to ensure that we thoroughly understand your company’s conversion needs. Rubin & Raine will help you make a smooth, effective, and efficient transition from your old system to new, so you can avoid the false starts and delays that may otherwise mean lost productivity and profits.

Our industry knowledge helps us move you through the implementation process because your business is our focus. From planning through execution, we are prepared to help you reach your revenue goals while providing the highest quality of service to your patients.


Offering a full range of options


  • Conversion of full A/R
  • Conversion of partial A/R
  • Gradual conversion of A/R
  • Placement assigned by Aging Category over a time-line

By Specific Financial Class

  • By Aging
  • Clean-up Projects
  • Self-Pay and commercial accounts


  • Rubin & Raine will place an on-site management team and staff at your location to facilitate the project and work accounts on your system


  • Rubin & Raine will manage the assignment from a remote location on our own proprietary system.