RMB, Inc. utilizes Ontario Systems’ (OSC) Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS).

FACS has long been considered one of the premier account management systems within the collection industry. The FACS system allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility, which affords RMB the ability to maintain and constantly improve highly customized account workflows.

To complement the FACS system, RMB uses several fully integrated products. Among these are OSC’s LINK, Dialer, Verified Contacts, IVR, VoiceTrak and Enable products as well as RMB’s custom-built payment website,

  • OSC’s LINK gives us the ability to send large batch files to our various vendors for skip tracing, bankruptcy and deceased searches, as well as real time credit card and electronic check processing.
  • OSC’s Dialer is an automated dialing system that gives RMB the ability to work a large volume of accounts with the highest degree of due diligence.
  • With Verified Contacts, RMB’s outbound dialing efforts are further enhanced by only transferring verified right party contacts to the collection floor.
  • IVR gives consumers the ability to obtain information about their account, provide RMB with updated contact information, make a one-time payment and establish payment arrangements on their account without speaking to an account representative. IVR is available to consumers 24x7x365.
  • VoiceTrak is used for recording all calls made to and from the dialer.
  • OSC’s Enable is used for importing and exporting data to and from the FACS database. It offers great flexibility in type and format of files that can be received from and sent to clients.

To further assist consumers in account resolution, RMB developed a custom payment website,, which offers consumers another way to obtain information about their account, such as current balance and payment history, provide RMB with updated contact information, make a one-time payment and establish payment arrangements … all without speaking to an account representative.

RMB, Inc. considers data security a top priority. RMB employs a multi-level approach to data security. This includes technologies such as managed/monitored firewalls, spam filtering solution, managed anti-virus solution, secure FTP site for data transfer, automatic email encryption, several data encryption software packages along with internal security policies to ensure compliance by all employees. As for physical security, all servers and data are housed in a secure location accessible to a limited number of employees.

RMB, Inc. has put in place several measures to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. RMB backup solution provides both a near real time backup of all mission critical servers and quick recoverability in the event of a disaster. RMB’s backup strategy includes backups of all mission critical servers at 15-minute intervals. This means that we perform a backup on each server 96 times every day. These encrypted backups are securely transferred offsite daily to four data warehouses located in four different geographical locations. A third benefit of RMB’s backup strategy is server virtualization. In the event a production server goes down, the backup device can be virtualized to take the place of that production server with data as current as 15 minutes prior to the crash. Even while virtualized, the server will also continue to perform all scheduled backups. In the event of catastrophic failure in which the backup device is lost, a replacement backup device will be loaded with all data, virtualized as multiple servers and shipped to RMB for next day delivery.